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Queen Nightcore wants to test your rhythm in this small dancing minigame! Don't let her down. Shake your hips to the rhythm of the song and prove you're the Dancing Chosen One! 

This version includes:

  •  3 different levels, each with their own songs!
  • Lessons mode to learn how to play!
  • 1 Queen Nightcore to test your might and mock you when you can't achieve the expected results!

This minigame is part of a larger project called URBANO, which is in active development.  I post regular updates in all my social medias, so don't be shy and check them out: https://urbanogame.com/social/

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags2D, Anime, dancing, GameMaker, minigames, Music, Singleplayer


UrbanoDDD_v1.0.0.zip 99 MB

Install instructions

To play it, simply extract the .zip file and run the UrbanoDDD.exe file.

When you first run the game, all the controls should appear on the screen and just press space to confirm. If for some reason you can't see the controls, here they are:

WASD or arrow keys: navigate/movement

SPACEBAR: select

ESC: pause game

+/- : change volume


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i know this is probably fixed in the version you're currently working on by now, just wanted to mention that i cant hit any notes unless i am in fullscreen when i should be able to, because i am doing the moves in time. also I cant hit any notes in training mode at all, but in actual levels i can hit notes perfectly fine. do not really know the core issue of why it does this but i thought i would mention this anyway. still, fun game, but the training is broken for me altogether.

Several things;

1. Please let us rebind our keys, some folks are fine and used to just using WASD or arrow keys, some like their keys on the homerow.

2. This is probably just a me thing, but I really dislike the lights, I'd ***much*** rather have a traditional "note track" style thing just to keep track of the alternation and doubles, maybe as a toggleable accessibility sort of option so I don't have to try and pay attention to the lights.

Otherwise your characters are really cute, hope our boy can get some cute outfits too once this is all more of a thing.

Thanks a lot for your feedback MissMasada! The final game will feature key rebinding and the gameplay will have several changes, specially in the lights.

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I like your game, but I had to stop playing after the 1st level as the brighter lights are not that brighter to me. It's frustrating that it's not always that clear if a light actually shines brighter or not. How about changing the brighter lights to another colour (like pink or green), this would be very helpful?

Thank you for playing! I am already planning to change lots of stuff to this minigame in the future based on everyone's feedback and visibility is one of them.

Thank you, that's nice to hear :)



This is honestly a great game. The animation is fluid and the character designs are very lively and intruiging. However, the hitbox for points is far too small. If your game has any form of lag or your timing is off by even a couple frames it will be impossible to ever score points. But if your game has no lag of any kind, then this will prove to be a fun and interesting challenge

Even if I do the right moves at the right time and in the lessons too, the game doesnt count my moves and I was basically stuck in the first lesson. Weird bug.

Hi there! Thank you for playing. Would you have any sort of recording so I could have some clues on how to fix that? Thanks!

Here you have

Thanks a lot for the video! I will investigate and hopefully it should be fixed in the next releases.


All of this is amazing

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good prototype


i love queen nightcore

same mate


same mate²